Don’t Risk Your Healthy While Striving for Wealth

//Don’t Risk Your Healthy While Striving for Wealth

Don’t Risk Your Healthy While Striving for Wealth

Has an entrepreneur ever succeeded without losing sleep, fretting nonstop about potential problems or skipping a wellness checkup or two? Yes, and in the long run, slowing down to take care of yourself can only lead to successful outcomes. Talk of work-life balance is just that — talk — unless you take the steps necessary to nurture your professional and personal lives.

In an article for Inc., Julian Hayes II, founder of The Art of Fitness & Life, a health and fitness coaching service, ruminates on what he wishes he had known about the connection between health and entrepreneurship before he started his own company. For starters, Hayes notes, scheduling time for rest and exercise should be a priority. Making yourself too busy to exercise or relax sets you up for continued stress that ultimately can affect your health and your business. Hayes also talks about the danger of self-doubt that can gnaw away at not only your confidence but also at your emotional health. If you keep telling yourself you’re not as good as anyone else in your business sphere, you can start to believe it. Obviously, that isn’t good for the psyche or for the business.

Without keeping such situations in check, an entrepreneur can gradually lose sleep, self-assurance and even good physical and emotional health. Hayes’ recommendations for avoiding such pitfalls are simple but attainable. Judge your worth based on your actions, take control of your work schedule to allow time for recreation, don’t let the doubters get to you. It’s also important to connect with other entrepreneurs who have found ways to balance life and work. Talk with them about what they’ve found to be helpful, and what they’ve chosen to avoid. Taking care of yourself can only help you take better care of your business.



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