What Are You Thankful for as an Entrepreneur?

//What Are You Thankful for as an Entrepreneur?

What Are You Thankful for as an Entrepreneur?

It’s the time of year when we pause to consider the people and experiences that positively affect our lives. Whether you’re a novice business person or a seasoned entrepreneur, you have much for which to be thankful. From mentors to coworkers and from generous investors to family members who never cease to boost your confidence, so many people play a key role in the success of an entrepreneur.

Remember to be thankful for the not-so-positive experiences, too, because they teach life and business lessons that only make you stronger. Think back to a difficult moment and how you pulled through. More importantly, think of the people who helped you pull through. They deserve a heap of thanks as well.

Being grateful is contagious. It makes you want to help others. This season, consider giving thanks by paying it forward. Speak about entrepreneurship at a local high school. Mentor a young startup that could benefit from your sage advice. Share your time and talents with others. They’ll be thankful for you, and you’ll be grateful for the new experiences these interactions bring.

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  1. Nikki Evans November 20, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    What a perfect post for Thanksgiving week. Good advice for the rest of the year as well.

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