Your Weakness Can Lead to a Strong Partnership

//Your Weakness Can Lead to a Strong Partnership

Your Weakness Can Lead to a Strong Partnership

How many of us have internally cringed during a job interview when asked about our greatest weakness? Here you are, trying to make yourself appear highly capable, and the interviewer wants to know your downfalls. It’s a humbling moment as you strive to sound fallible without coming off as pathetic. Inevitably, no matter how succinctly you answer the question, you’ll wish it had never been asked.

It’s perfectly natural to want to hide your professional weaknesses from a potential employer. If you are starting your own business, however, understanding your limitations is just as important as recognizing your capabilities. The reason is two-fold:

1) You don’t want to make mistakes due to your lack of experience in a particular area.
2) Your weakness could lead you to a strong business partnership.

First of all, it goes without saying that we’re all more capable in some areas than others. Let’s say you’re a savvy businessperson who knows how to turn an idea into reality. At the same time, you’re lousy with bookkeeping. You hate to keep records of your business spending, and you’re not so interested in billing clients or vendors. How long will your business survive unless you either hone your financial skills or hire someone to handle bookkeeping?

Secondly, a weak spot for you might lead you to another professional who would complement your talents, creating a dynamic duo in the startup world. Using the above scenario, you can see that joining forces with a financially savvy professional will be the missing link to your entrepreneurial success. It might just happen that this person likes to crunch numbers but isn’t so keen on molding the business part. That, of course, is where you come in.

While entrepreneurs often seek to fly solo, it’s not uncommon to align with someone whose skills bolster their own. Each can work on a different element that seeks the same end goal: success.

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