How Social Do You Need to Be on Social Media?

//How Social Do You Need to Be on Social Media?

How Social Do You Need to Be on Social Media?

The dawn of the internet set up a whole new ballgame for marketing. You could email clients instead of, or in addition to, calling them. You could discover potential customers or vendors through a Google search. And now, thanks to social media, you can share business information and personal strategies across multiple platforms.

It’s very exciting. And at times very overwhelming.

Sure, marketing software has made it easier to reach one or more platforms as often as you like. You can create content and assign it for publication in the future, which means you don’t have to be chained to your laptop. Still, the question lingers, “Is my company making an impact with its social media strategy?”

The question can be answered in part by statistics revealing the number of times something you publish on social media has been viewed. Within those statistics lie other answers to help you determine how social you really should be on social media.

Do you find that really great numbers for one post are immediately followed by a post or two with low readership? If you believe that all of the content you posted was equal in importance, the problem may be you’re posting too often. A customer could be glad to read what you have to say on Monday, not quite as enthusiastic on Tuesday, and utterly annoyed by Friday. Try scaling back on posts for a bit and see if that helps numbers to increase.

Are your numbers on fire for Twitter and LinkedIn and lukewarm on Facebook? Take a look at where your market sits in regards to social media. If most of your customers and potential customers tend to follow Twitter but not Facebook (or vice versa), you might want to rethink your social media strategy.

How often and where you should publish really depends on your company, the industry, and the leads you have accumulated. If a powerful presence seems to drive business in your industry, you’ll likely want to maintain a steady social media strategy. If audio and video appear to be commanding more interest, consider branching out to YouTube and other social media sites focused on sound and visuals.

It takes some trial and error to get it just right, and sometimes just when you think you’ve got it, social media takes off in a new direction. The idea is to develop a social media presence that feels comfortable to you, and periodically check to be sure it’s doing what it should.

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