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Wait, You Don’t Have a Retirement Plan?

While entrepreneurs busy themselves launching their startups, they sometimes forget a crucial component: planning for retirement. It may seem unnecessary to them to start thinking about life after work, especially if their small businesses are in the early stages of growth. Time passes quickly, though, and before they know it they can find themselves with years and years of time devoted to their startup with no clear path to retirement.

This is not an unusual occurrence. According to a survey noted in a report, […]

How’s Your Hearing? It’s Never Too Late to Sharpen Your Listening Skills

Active listening is a skill we all can use. Whether we’re interacting with family members or attending a career development meeting, we should be well engaged to get the most out of the situation. What is needed of us? How can we improve a situation? What are the subtle clues another is giving that we should be perceiving? Strong listening skills aid in our communication and problem-solving capabilities.

Yet our mind sometimes wanders, taking our hearing with it. Focus becomes difficult, and suddenly we look back […]

Researchers Have Determined Entrepreneurs Possess a Distinct Personality Type – But You Already Knew That

As an entrepreneur-minded individual, it should come as no shock: You’ve got a distinct personality type. Just to bring home that idea, though, consider a recent study from Myers Briggs, the personality-determining institution. The study found that entrepreneurs are heavy in the intuition and perceiving areas, while those folks who lean toward sensing and judging have less of an entrepreneurial spirit.

Creativity, risk-taking, impulsivity and autonomy were found to be strong characteristics of an entrepreneurial personality, according […]

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