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Should you keep your business plan a secret or shout it from the mountaintops?

Have you ever shared a business idea with colleagues or friends and then thought, “Wow, I better actually make something happen with this because other people know about it?” Did a kind of peer pressure challenge you to the finish line of a project? Do you think you would have accomplished your goal if you had kept it to yourself?

A recent article in Inc. by entrepreneur Danny Iny argues that announcing your plans for a new venture […]

Even Entrepreneurs Get the Blues

You may look at a wildly successful entrepreneur whom you admire and think he or she has it all: brains, drive, business acumen, great quality of life. The truth is, more than a few entrepreneurs struggle with emotional and mental health issues even as they build their own ladder to success.

It’s really not hard to fathom. About half of new startups fail in the first four years, according to a statistic from About 77 percent of small businesses are started […]

How Social Do You Need to Be on Social Media?

The dawn of the internet set up a whole new ballgame for marketing. You could email clients instead of, or in addition to, calling them. You could discover potential customers or vendors through a Google search. And now, thanks to social media, you can share business information and personal strategies across multiple platforms.

It’s very exciting. And at times very overwhelming.

Sure, marketing software has made it easier to reach one or more platforms as often as you like. You can create content and […]

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