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In Times of Crisis, Entrepreneurial Ideas Shine

News that a flower-grower in Puerto Rico was able to get back in business just days after Hurricane Maria thanks to solar panels installed on his property has inspired entrepreneurs to get to work on helping the rest of the country. With electricity and running water in short supply, solar panels may bring hope to the storm-ravaged country. Read more here about the entrepreneurial effort in Puerto Rico.

Venturing for Capital: Experts Advise What Not to Do

Who likes asking for money? When it comes to entrepreneurship, requesting funding may be the hardest part. Common mistakes made when seeking venture capital create even more discomfort. This piece from CNBC defines those mistakes and explains how to avoid them.

Do Young Rabble-Rousers Make Good Entrepreneurs?

According to a New York Times article, those who follow an entrepreneurial path were often troublemakers in their youth. The article is in response to “scandal-ridden entrepreneurs” like Martin Shkreli, a pharmaceutical company founder recently convicted of fraud and awaiting sentencing. Shkreli, it seems, often skipped high school classes to strum on his guitar or play chess. He is not the only one to take this path, according to the article.

The Times sites research by two economists to suggest that entrepreneurs “…are also more likely than […]

Accept the Challenge and Reap the Rewards of Being a Mentor

If you’ve ever mentored an entrepreneur, you’ve no doubt experienced the highs and lows and everything in between. As an adviser, you ride the roller coaster of business creation with your mentee, perhaps recalling your own struggles and successes along the way.

The challenges can be common, or they can sneak up on you with little warning. Recognizing the personal skills needed to combat these struggles makes you a better prepared and more effective mentor.

Above all, a good mentor possesses […]

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