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The Business of Helping Others

The Christmas season lends itself to reflecting on what we can do for others. Whether it’s buying a hoped-for gift to a loved one or filling the kettle outside a shopping mall, the act of giving always feels especially good this time of year. Most of us would like to keep that charitable nature going no matter the season. For some entrepreneurs, a nonprofit startup can be the ideal way to make that happen.

As with any startup, careful research is needed before taking the plunge. Especially important […]

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Entrepreneurs Are Never Too Old to Learn from Others’ Mistakes

At first glance, the article “4 Common Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make (and How to Fix Them),” is designed for a Millennial audience. As you peruse the short list of errors in this Fortune piece, however, you realize this is information any entrepreneur can use, at any age.

The truth is, not all entrepreneurs launch their careers at a young age. Another truth is that even professionals make common mistakes. Recognizing where many entrepreneurs fail and understanding how to avoid these pitfalls can set you on a […]

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Failing… Sometimes a Good Thing in Business

“Don’t be afraid to fail” is an ongoing mantra of business mentors. Equally important is sharing your failures with others so they can learn from your mistakes — as well as the methods you used to turn success into failure. This article in Forbes offers valuable advice.

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Tax Credits Still Available for Ohio’s Small Businesses

Thanks to Matthew D. Maker, CPA with Barnes Wendling CPAs, Inc., there’s good news for small business owners in Ohio.

Posted: 10/10/2016

InvestOhio, a program developed to promote small business investments in Ohio, was renewed for the July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017 biennium. InvestOhio provides a non-refundable personal income tax credit to people who invest in an eligible small business.

What Is an Eligible Ohio Small Business?
An eligible small business is defined as having either total assets of $50 million or less or total sales of $10 million […]

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Should We Expand the Definition of “Entrepreneur?”

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, maybe we need to expand what “entrepreneur” means. A more useful definition might be someone who sees an opportunity to create value and is willing to take a risk to capitalize on that opportunity; some elements of this are opportunity spotting, risk taking, and value creation.

And here the author is talking about employees as entrepreneurs!

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Do You Want to Be an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Every entrepreneur knows that the support of mentors and peers greatly helps in planning and starting a new business. On the other hand, being able to fly solo without constant supervision is important for anyone who hopes to launch a solo career.

In the article “Four Attributes That Set Entrepreneurs Apart From Employees,” Paul Evans explains to readers of Entrepreneur the professional characteristics that define someone who wants to be his or her own boss versus someone who enjoys working for others. Evans recalls his own […]

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What If Texting Came First?

Last year, my cousin Henry from Grand Rapids transitioned from his sales director position to being one of the sales people. He views this as semi-retirement and a way to ease into full retirement, which will come about in a year or two…maybe.

He’s having a blast and adapting well to the way of cold calling that’s quite different from what he remembers from the 90s when he was last out there. He now gets the most frequent responses from those he texts. Not emails, not phone calls. […]

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