Adversity Can Make a Stronger Entrepreneur

//Adversity Can Make a Stronger Entrepreneur

Adversity Can Make a Stronger Entrepreneur

Adversity can and does strike entrepreneurs at any time during their business dealings. Few, however, face the same type of adversity as women in Syria. War rages on in the country, and through that strife, many women are finding strength in developing their own businesses.

According to the Syrian National Report for Entrepreneurship, the rate of women starting their own businesses has more than tripled over the last eight years. Certainly this has a lot to do with simply trying to survive. Some women have been left behind in villages where the typical male breadwinner is no longer there. Others have fled war-torn Syria, but are using their business acumen to help themselves and others. In the midst of this struggle for survival, real techniques for sustained entrepreneurship have emerged. “I’ve reported twice on Syrian women refugees who sell partly via the Internet, making enough to support 50 families in Damascus,” writes Elizabeth MacBride in an article for Forbes.

An astute mentor will tell you that adversity is often a great motivator for success. When someone says “No, you can’t,” entrepreneurs should be inspired to prove them wrong. What seems like a brick wall impeding you from moving forward — be it a shortage of funding or a lack of support from the business world — can be considered a speed bump toward achieving your goals. Working with an accomplished mentor helps you to find solutions to problems that hold you back.

First and foremost, belief in your own abilities will help you overcome adversity as an entrepreneur. If you know that the business idea you want to bring to fruition is a worthy one, no adversity can be too great to stop you. Assistance from a trusted mentor will support you in this mission. Just as with the female entrepreneurs of Syria, a can-do/must-do attitude will propel you forward.

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