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Your Weakness Can Lead to a Strong Partnership

How many of us have internally cringed during a job interview when asked about our greatest weakness? Here you are, trying to make yourself appear highly capable, and the interviewer wants to know your downfalls. It’s a humbling moment as you strive to sound fallible without coming off as pathetic. Inevitably, no matter how succinctly you answer the question, you’ll wish it had never been asked.

It’s perfectly natural to want to hide your professional weaknesses from a potential employer. If you are starting your own business, however, […]

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What Expense Can Be Written Off?

Tax time is here and, for entrepreneurs, the typical question arises: “How do I know if an expense can be used as a write-off for my business?” This article serves as a general guide to know what counts and what doesn’t when it comes to business expenses.

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