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Adversity Can Make a Stronger Entrepreneur

Adversity can and does strike entrepreneurs at any time during their business dealings. Few, however, face the same type of adversity as women in Syria. War rages on in the country, and through that strife, many women are finding strength in developing their own businesses.

According to the Syrian National Report for Entrepreneurship, the rate of women starting their own businesses has more than tripled over the last eight years. Certainly this has a lot to do with simply trying to survive. Some women have been left behind […]

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Mentoring the Young SHOULD Be Different

Is there a difference between mentoring young people and mentoring those with more experience in the business world? In many respects, yes. An article from Forbes looks at the special ways young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs should be mentored so that they can recognize their highest potential.

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Is the Gig Economy Here to Stay?

For long-term freelance writers, graphic artists, photographers and creative consultants, the gig economy is nothing new. You work under contract, get paid and move onto the next project. This has been a sustainable means of employment for people who enjoy working but don’t like being confined to the traditional 9-to-5 job. If you can swing paying for your own insurance and not being paid for holidays, sick days or vacation days (very often, you find yourself working through many of these, anyway), it works out well.

As the […]

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