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How Brexit Could Affect Your Small Business

It may be happening across the pond, but Great Britain’s exit from the EU could have certain consequences on small business in the U.S. Fast Company weighs in on the subject here:

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Cleveland: Let’s Keep That Winning Feeling

The drought — or the curse, depending on whom you talk to — has been lifted in Cleveland. Fifty-two years after the last professional athletic championship, the Cavaliers brought home the ultimate victory. You could see it on the faces of people the day after Game 7 and read it in the voluminous amounts of articles and blogs written about the event: Cleveland is once again a winner.

For those who aren’t into professional sports, it may seem odd to base a lot of your city’s pride on […]

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Mentors Can Help When Things Go a Little Too Well

It’s great when a business takes off and all indications are that you have a success on your hands. Sometimes your achievements, through no real fault of your own, may lead to tense moments with former associates. The lesson in this type of situation might aptly be titled “How to succeed in business without inadvertently ticking off people you used to work with.”

Amy Gagliardi found herself in such a predicament as her company, Aquarian Healthcare Solutions, was launched to assist healthcare facilities with supply chain solutions. An […]

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When an “Old” Dog Could Use Some New Tricks

Mentoring is often associated with startups, since those are very often spearheaded by individuals with less experience in the business world. What can sometimes be overlooked is the fact that a business of any age can benefit from the professional wisdom of an adviser.

One of the best times to seek a mentor is also the least obvious time, and that is when things seem to be going great. Your business is growing, profits are being made, the team is expanding. This is actually a great chance to […]

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