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Always Be Prepared for an Encore

A 63-year-old businessman from Philadelphia figured the curtain had closed on his four-decade career. A chemical engineer early on, he had made the move to plastics sales, working his way up to a high-ranking position. As the years passed, however, the need for his expertise waned, and eventually the company he was working for folded his entire division.

He filled his days with mentoring other professionals and staying in touch with the plastics world as much as possible. A few contract jobs arose, but nothing that could be […]

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Finding a Voice That Will Resonate

So much has been made about finding “your voice.” Learning who you are and what you do best, then shouting it from the mountaintops to others, is a key tactic emphasized by many mentors and business coaches. In this blog post by entrepreneurial guru Chris Brogan, you’ll see that speaking about what you can do for others is often a more effective and altruistic approach to sharing your professional skills.

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