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Solopreneurs Must be Good Decision-makers

The thrill of launching a company on your own propels many an ambitious businessperson to take the startup route. However, with that independence come specific responsibilities. One of the biggest is being able to decide what you want. Not so easy.

As this article in TechCrunch points out, decisions have to be made early on and throughout the launch, and being certain of what’s best for your company will ensure smooth sailing. Who will be your advisers, and what, if any credit will they share? […]

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Keep Moving…with Caution…No Matter Who’s Elected

According to a survey reported in the Glenview, Illinois, Daily Herald newspaper, “For the first quarter of 2016, 90 percent of small business owners are reporting that business is either steady or better than last year. Only 10 percent said business is worse than a year ago.”

The big question was whether those surveyed thought it would make a difference who is elected President. Their general opinion seems to be to keep on moving…with caution.

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