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Number of New Businesses Decreasing

Between 1978 and 2012, the proportion of businesses less than a year old that made up the total number of businesses declined by 44%. Almost all industries were affected by this decline, including the tech sector.
Despite this fact, the number of businesses being started in the U.S. is decreasing. New businesses need to replace dying firms. This reported decrease in start-ups slows the growth of the overall economy.

The paragraphs above begin an article originally published in The Rockport Observer by Dr. Perry Haan, Professor of Marketing […]

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Two Immigrant Entrepreneurs Prove the American Dream Endures

Immigration is a hot-button topic these days. This article focuses on an aspect of immigration that has defined the United States for more than two centuries: the intuition and can-do attitude that new residents bring, helping to fuel the economy as well as the entrepreneurial drive of this country.

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