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Mentors, What Does Your Mentee See in You?

Like any relationship, a mentor/mentee bond must be solid if it’s going to work. Personalities should mesh; goals need to be compatible; and so on.

When a fledgling business person seeks a confidante, he or she is looking for someone to trust and someone who will offer sound advice. According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, admiration for a mentor’s own career is high on the list of what appeals to a mentee. The career need not be in the same field as long as […]

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Hey, It’s Not All About You

When you’re trying to convince Someone to purchase your products or services, you need to focus on Someone, not on you and your products or services.

At best, the words you use should describe the problems that Someone might be having that your products or services solve. At least, you should spell out the benefits of your products or services so Someone can figure out if he or she is the least bit interested in what you offer.

Here is an example of copy on a […]

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Lessons from 10 Business Failures

File this under “business ideas that sounded good at the time.” Their failures were due to a variety of reasons, which you can read about in this article from

Lesson: While you never know what product or business might be the next big startup, entrepreneurs have to be aware that new businesses can and do sometimes fail. Chocolate sausage, anyone?

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