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Mentoring the Next Richard Branson?

According to Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson, behind every great entrepreneur is a supportive mentor propelling him or her toward success.

For Branson, Sir Freddie Laker was the mentor who helped Branson’s business vision take flight. Sir Freddie founded Laker Airways in 1966, and he offered Branson his expertise on how to start a new airline in a sky filled with competition. “He (Laker) helped shape our vision for high quality service at competitive prices,” Branson said in an interview a few years ago. “He also managed […]

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Keeping It Real in a Mentor-Client Relationship

According to the Urban Dictionary, “keeping it real” means “to not be fake; to be yourself.”

In a mentor-client relationship, keeping it real goes both ways.

For the client, it means being honest about expectations for a new venture, understanding strengths as well as weaknesses and being open to constructive criticism.

How do you keep it real as a mentor? First, keep the lines of communication open. Determine how often you’ll meet in person, but encourage your client to reach out to you at other times via phone or email.

As […]

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