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Is Mentoring For You?

Over the last year and a half, we at Business Advisers of Cleveland have been part of a significant expansion of mentoring services. Not only do we mentor those who qualify during our traditional in-house counseling sessions, but also we’ve become the mentoring team for a few outside organizations that understand the value mentoring provides their clients.

If you feel like you’re ready to share your professional expertise in a way that can benefit a startup, trust your instincts. Chances are good that the time is indeed right […]

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For Restless Retirees, Business Options Abound

Retiring to a life of quiet relaxation doesn’t last too long if you’re an entrepreneur. The itch to start another business or help fledgling entrepreneurs start theirs quickly lures you from any reclusiveness you had planned.

As a private, member-managed organization comprised of mostly retired professionals, BAC offers a place for retired entrepreneurs to share their expertise with others. Whether it’s mentoring a long-term project or working with a newbie to see if a germ of an idea can sprout into a full-fledged business, BAC has opportunities that […]

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