Free counseling, consulting, mentoring and educational programs for start-ups, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

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Counseling, Consulting, Mentoring

If you are wondering how to start a new business or nonprofit the right way or need help to solve a problem within an organization you lead, learn more about how our services can help you.

Joe Gomula

Business Advisers of Cleveland counselors were a built-in Board of Directors. BAC offered a forum to discuss ideas, give guidance and create solutions.
- Joe Gomula, Ohio Energy Source

Educational Seminars


Learn from our experience. Attend an educational seminar at a public location near you.

I have a business degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, so much of the information I knew. However, the instructor incorporated a boatload of wisdom that you can’t get from reading a book many times. I would recommend this workshop to others!!
- Entrepreneurship 101 Attendee

Opportunities for Retirees

Experience the gratification of working with fellow BAC members to help others successfully start or improve their businesses. Learn more about becoming a volunteer member.


I always learn something from talking with our clients, and it is a way to help keep current in today’s business world. Friendships developed with BAC members are also very rewarding.
- Roger Vail, member since 2006

Free Counseling

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Right now is the right time to plan and prepare for your future. Are you planning to start a business or nonprofit and need help with start-up details? Schedule a counseling session with the experienced professionals at BAC. They’ve been there–and have access to all the resource materials you’ll need to get started in the right direction.


If you’re starting a business or nonprofit or seeking funding for a new project, get started the right way. Use our complimentary guide, Developing a Winning Business Plan. Go to our Contact Us page to ask for one to be emailed to you.